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Sociocultural Learning Affects the Development of Children...

Sociocultural Learning Affects the Development of Children ECE 101 Professor Kara Bullock Chakera Simon October 12, 2010 Sociocultural Learning Affects the Development of Children Lev Vygotsky believed that children learn from their own experience. As a teacher I have grown to learn that Vygotsky’s findings are true in so many ways. Just from watching the children in my classroom I see that the Zone of Proximal Development and Scaffolding play a huge part in the development of a child. Lev Vygotsky has had increasing influence on the practices of early childhood professionals. (Morrison, 2009). The work of the Russian psychologist Lev Vygotsky provided the grounds for the use of sociocultural learning theory. Vygotsky†¦show more content†¦The second component in the sociocultural theory is the zone of proximal development (ZPD). Vygotsky believed that any training creates learning processes that lead to development and this system results in zones of proximal development. Its the thought that a child completes a task that he/she cannot do alone, with the help from a more experienced person. Vygotsky also described the ZPD as the difference between the actual development level as determined by individual problem solving and the level of potential development as determined through problem solving under adult guidance or collaboration with more experienced peers. The result of this process is children become more socialized in the dominant culture and it en courages cognitive development. In order for the ZPD to be such a success, it must contain two features. The first is called subjectivity. This term describes the process of two individuals begin a task with different understanding and eventually arrive at a shared understanding. The second feature is scaffolding, which refers to a change in the social support over the course of a teaching session. If scaffolding is successful, a childs mastery level of performance can change, which means that it can increase a childs performance on a particular task. The zone of proximal development has implications for assessment, especially concerning children with learning and behavior problems. Two children canShow MoreRelatedLev Vygotsky And The Sociocultural Theory Of Development1016 Words   |  5 PagesVygotsky who developed and introduced the Sociocultural Theory of development that was heavily dependent on the influence of environmental factors—such as social groups, culture and institutions—on the cognitive development of children. Although Vygotsky constructed his theory during the late 1920s to early 1930s, it did not gain popularity till â€Å"the recent translation and republication of his work into English in 1962† (Burkholder and Pelà ¡ez 2000). The development of Vygotsky’s theory was also heavilyRead MoreSociocultural Theory And Second Language Learning902 Words   |  4 PagesSociocultural Theory and Second Language Learning â€Å"Language is the most pervasive and powerful cultural artefact that humans possess to mediate their connection to the world, to each other, and to themselves† [Lantolf Thorne 2006:201]. The idea of mediation inherent in this notion of the language is a fundamental element of Sociocultural Theory [SCT], one of the most influential approach to learning and mental development since 1990s’, drawing on its origin from the work of soviet psychologistRead MoreThe Cultural Point Of View942 Words   |  4 PagesPsychologists use a wide range of ways to deal with, comprehend and clarify human behavior. The social/cultural point of view otherwise called sociocultural, is one method used to grasp why people act the way they do. This method looks to comprehend human behavior and identity improvement by inspecting the standards of the social gatherings and subgroups in which the individual is a part of. (Nevid, 2003) These principles are regularly unwritten rules that assist t o direct a person’s activities.Read MoreVygotsky s Theory Of Cognitive Development1365 Words   |  6 PagesCognitive Development the Biopsychosocial Framework In researching various development theories, one of those that stand out is cognitive development theory. Cognitive development theory studies â€Å"how people think and how thinking changes over time† (Kail Cavanaugh, 14). One of the leading theorists in this area was Russian psychologist Lev Vygotsky. He was one of the first theorists to consider the sociocultural influences on a child’s development. His research allowed the development of keyRead MoreVygotsky’s Sociocultural Theory Vygotsky (1934 – 1987) Vygotsky perspective on sociocultural1000 Words   |  4 PagesVygotsky’s Sociocultural Theory Vygotsky (1934 – 1987) Vygotsky perspective on sociocultural theory, his focal point is how culture relates with beliefs, values, traditions and skills in social surroundings and how they are passed from generation to generation. Vygotsky sates that social interaction is very important and how children socialise with each other in cooperative play and how they use communication with extended people who surround them in society. It is how children obtain ways of howRead MoreSociocultural Theory And Social Rules1726 Words   |  7 Pages When looking at sociocultural factors one is faced with a variety of models that attempt to provide a social explanation of how language is acquired. This includes an examination of such influences as the social characteristics of the setting and the learner and the social rules for second language use. While typically associated with these models, Vygotsky’s sociocultural theory, which is based in his study of psychology, does not attempt to use culture to explain how language is acquired. InsteadRead MoreLanguage Is A Multifaceted Phenomenon That Has Been Given1483 Words   |  6 Pagesthink, feel, act and behave. This in turn affects the value placed and the meaning given to various entities (Emmitt, 2010). The interaction between the culture and the language greatly influences the individual’s value placed on language, how it is used and learned, and ultimately the meanings constructed. As educators, a sociocultural appreciation must be considered when teaching lan guage in the classroom to ensure students have a relevant and relatable learning experience. Not only this, but educatorsRead MorePiaget s Theory Of Cognitive Development1132 Words   |  5 Pagestheory of cognitive development. The interesting thing about Piaget’s way of studying was that he was more concerned about how children’s thoughts got to the answer in relation to their IQ rather than simply their ability to answer a question correctly. The cognitive development theory detailed observational studies of cognition in children by a series of tests, which furthermore revealed different cognitive abilities. Before Piaget’s study, it was assumed that because children are younger, they areRead MoreInfluence of Nature Versus Nurture on Child Development1202 Words   |  5 Pages Nature as well as nurture can affect the child development. There are many factors that determine the development of a child. Many theories that are proposed by psychologist are used to explain the process of child development. Berndt (1992) explained nature as the impact of the genetic inheritance or heredity of a person during development. Based on Kail’s (2010, p. 135) study, â€Å"research reveals consistent genetic influence in many psychological areas, including personality, mental abilityRead MoreThe Development Of Human Development Essay1266 Words   |  6 PagesHuman Development in Children aged 11years Human development refers to the biological and psychological development in the human being throughout the lifespan. It consists of the development from infancy, childhood and adolescence to adulthood. In this essay I will analyse two practiced based experiences to demonstrate my understanding of human development. For my first practiced based experience, I will be drawing on Lev Vygotsky’s Sociocultural Development Theory. His key concepts of The Zone

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Womens Role in the Ibo Society In the novel Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe, women of the Ibo tribe are terribly mistreated, and viewed as weak and receive little or no respect outside of their role as a mother. Tradition dictates their role in life. These women are courageous and obedient. These women are nurturers above all and they are everything but weak. A main character in the novel, Okonkwo has several wives. He orders them around like dogs. They are never to question what they are instructed to do; they are expected to be obedient. We see this early in the story, when Okonkwo brings Ikemefuna into his home. Okonkwo tells his senior wife that Ikemefuna belongs to the tribe and that she is†¦show more content†¦In spite of pleas from his other wives, reminding him that it is forbidden to beat your wife during the Week of Peace. Okonkwo will face consequences, not for beating another human being, but only because of his timing. He beats his second wife when she refers to him as one of those guns that never shot. When a severe case of wife beating comes before the egwugwu, he finds in favor of the wife, but at the end of the trial a man wonders, why such a trifle should come before the egwugwu(pg.83). The husband considers his wife property. He either wants his wife back or his bride price. The omniscient narrator acknowledges a near-invisibility of women in Things Fall Apart. Describing a communal ceremony, he confesses, It was clear from the way the crowd stood that the ceremony was for men. There were many women, but they looked on from the fringe like outsiders(pg.77). They are not invited to stay when men are engaged in any discussion; they are not included in council of war; they do not form part of the masquerades representing the judiciary and ancestral spirits. Okonkwo views women AS weak and foolish. He has a different expectation for men and women. This can be clearly SEEN by the way that he raises his children. He tries his best to train Nwoye to be strong and brave while he feels sorry that Ezinma is a girl. Okonkwo knows that Ezinma has the right spirit, but he does not try to make her TOO be brave or TOO strong. He favors her the most outShow MoreRelated Gender Relations in Chinua Achebes Things Fall Apart Essay1498 Words   |  6 PagesGende r Relations in Chinua Achebes Things Fall Apart      Ã‚   In Chinua Achebes novel Things Fall Apart, the Ibo peoples patriarchal society has a strict system of behavioral customs according to gender. These customs strongly restrict the freedom of Ibo women and help to reinforce generation after generation the notion that Ibo men are superior to the women of their tribe.    Among the people of this society, the condition of weakness is strongly associated with the state of being femaleRead MoreChanging the Tradition: The Influence of Colonization on Umuofia885 Words   |  4 Pages Changing the Tradition: The Influence of Colonization on Umuofia In Things Fall Apart, Chinua Achebe exercises the importance of traditions in an Ibo village of Nigeria. Africa is very well known for their long history, dating back to two million years ago, and their ancient ethnic customs have lived on since (â€Å"African History†). Unlike families from a rich white society, African families are usually required to live the traditions that have been survived through many generations, even if theyRead More Comparing and Contrasting the Role of Women in Things Fall Apart and Heart of Darkness1129 Words   |  5 PagesRole of Women in Things Fall Apart and Heart of Darkness       Women were once little more than slaves to their male betters. Some women might have been respected, but their places were limited to roles as wives and mothers. They might rule a home, but were not believed intelligent enough for any other role. This chauvinistic attitude is well reflected in the novels Things Fall Apart, by Chinua Achebe, and Heart of Darkness, by Joseph Conrad.    In Things Fall Apart, women are praisedRead MoreEssay on Investigating Why the Book is Entitled Things Fall Apart1149 Words   |  5 PagesTitle Analysis of Chinua Achebes Things Fall Apart I believe that the title Things Fall Apart refers to the fact that without proper balance, things do fall apart. The notion of balance in the novel is an important theme throughout the book. Beginning with the excerpt from Yeats poem, The Second Coming, the concept of balance is stressed as important; for without balance, order is lost. In the novel, there is a system of balance, which the Ibo culture seems to dependRead MoreThings Fall Apart By Chinua Achebe993 Words   |  4 Pageswomen s roles were always subpar to men. Whether it was in Niger like in the Chinua Achebe’s book Things Fall Apart or America in the 20th century women’s role was always below men’s. In fact in some cultures being called feminine or female was an insult. In Things Fall Apart it is difficult to compare the roles of man and woman. It is deeper than just women serve their husbands and cook. The word â€Å"female† itself was a symbol for being weak or being inferior to another person. In the ibo cultureRead MoreEssay on Things Fall Apart, by Chinua Achebe3009 Words   |  13 Pagescolonized societies and the ways in which writers articulate that identity. Things Fall Apart is a good novel that serves as a reminder of what Nigeria once was. It shows how a society can deal with change, how change affects the individuals of that society, and how delicate a change can be; so much so that the people themselves are surprised at the change. Things Fall Apart is an English novel by the Nigerian author Chinua Achebe which was published in 1957. Throughout the book the role of customsRead MoreWomen s Role During The Pre Colonial Nigeria1310 Words   |  6 PagesWomen have played an essential role in the pre-colonial Nigeria. Chinua Achebe exemplifies this argument in his book, Things Fall Apart. Also, he emphasizes that British colonization in Nigeria has expelled women from political, economic and other cherished roles. Before the British colonization women took part in most of the aspects of life in Nigeria. Although women’s role in the pre-colonial Nigeria was not the same as the role of men, women were highly respected and valued. Without women, Nigeria

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Language Creation Development Of Corporate -Myassignmenthelp.Com

Question: Discuss About The Language Creation Development Of Corporate? Answer: Introduction Lululemon initially wanted to offer something very unique to the customers that no other brands had ever provided earlier. Their main objective was to provide the customers with something that would give them immense fun and satisfaction. They wanted to provide a long, healthier and a fun filled life for their customers. They also wanted to fill a gap that was present in the athletic market of women. So, they wanted to provide their women customers with good quality athletic products. However, soon after they opened several new outlets particularly for women athletic wear, there were several problems with the yoga pants of women (Sousa, 2016). The women customers were not really very happy with the quality. Even when, this problem was considered, they were not happy with the behavior of the staffs. Even when the company apologized for their faults, women customers were unhappy because they thought that they were not really getting what they want. Though Lululemon had set up many new outlets for their women customers, there was still this complaint that they were not really finding what they were looking for. So, Lululemon must make sure that if they are trying to develop products for their women customers, then they must make sure that the women customers are getting equal respects and opportunities both in terms of the quality and quantity of products and also in terms of respect from the staffs of the company. What should Lululemon do to address the public relations firestorm? Lululemon had made a huge mistake by posting some very vulgar and insulting comments about the women customers saying that not every woman has a fit body to wear their products. So, this was really taken as a highly resented comment by all the customers. This comment had taken the entire social media by storm. So, making such comments about the figure of their women customers was really very unfortunate and disgraceful. Chip Wilson being a founder must not have made such derogatory comments. Though he apologized later, there was not even a single mention about the bad and hurtful comments that he had made about the women customers. So, in order to deal with all these problems, it is n necessary for Lululemon to make some efforts that would show their real apology towards women. They must take responsibility for holding some interviews and casting it either through television or through YouTube channels so that they can convey to all their female customers that they are really shamefu l for what they have done. They can also compensate their female customers by providing them better quality products at a much lower or affordable price. They can also offer several free gifts along with the actual purchases by their female customers (Chikovani, 2018). How is the company doing? Describe Lululemon's strategy, and comment on its performance? Lululemon started their venture with a very new, innovative and unique idea. They wanted to give their customers something new and something exciting that had not been provided by any of the other brands prior to this. They wanted to provide some very unique products to the customers that would give them a fun-filled and healthy life. Their main strategy was to fill the gap that was present in the female athletic products market. So, they opened up several new stores for their female customers. However, Chip Wilson the founder of this company had made several derogatory comments on social media platforms like face book, about the female figures when there was a complaint regarding the quality of the product. Though he was apparently apologetic on behalf of the whole company he did not take any such measures to compensate the female customers for the insult that they had to suffer (Horvath, 2016). So, they have to be really careful about their Public Relations in the near future. They have to be very alert about their comments and the way they are handling their customers. They have to be very careful about their comments that they are reflecting on social media. Apart from this, they will also have to find out several strategies that will help them combat their competitors (Chikovani, 2018). There was also a complaint from their customers that they are not getting sufficient variety of products. If they want to survive in the athletic product company, then they will have to extend their varieties of products. They must adopt several strategies like finding out new and innovative products that would really attract the attention of customers. They can extend their production and find out strategies for improvement both in terms of the quality and quantity as well. There can be a demand in the recent future regarding Lululemon shoes along with Lululemon athletic wears. In other words, they must adopt several strategies that would enable them to create superior qua lity products in the recent future that would help them to satisfy their customers. How should Lululemon evaluate its different growth options? One of the most important ways by which Lululemon can evaluate its growth is by considering the number of people around the globe who are becoming health conscious day by day. It is based on this evaluation, that they can design products. The growing and changing American culture has also given a major boost to the growth of this company, as wearing casuals have become highly popular almost everywhere (Zehndorfer, 2015). What are the strengths of the Lululemon organizational culture? The major areas of strength of this company are that they provide superior quality products that suit the interest of their targeted customers like the high-income group, health-conscious women. Though this company has to keep pace along with the recent trends in the market and make some additions in their price, at the same time, they make sure that they deliver the best quality products. They make use of all the modern technological methods to deliver superior quality products and thus, charge high price from their customers. The strength of Lululemon is that their financial base is quite good and they can make use of this finance for expanding the quality and quantity of their products to give a strong competition to their competitors. References Chikovani, A. (2018). Building the successful customer experience for competitive advantage (based on example of Lululemon company). Chikovani, A. (2018). Building the successful customer experience for competitive advantage (based on example of Lululemon company). Horvath, N. (2016). The Role of Language in the Creation and Development of Corporate Culture: A Case Study of the Lululemon Culture. Sousa, S. (2016). Lust for Lulu: An Examination of Lululemon Athletica's Marketing Authenticity and Branding. Zehndorfer, E. (2015).Charismatic leadership: The role of charisma in the global financial crisis. Routledge

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Looking Into The Mirror, The Image That Reflected Back Was One Of Perf

Looking into the mirror, the image that reflected back was one of perfection. Every stand of brown hair was in order, curled just right. There was just the right amount of the scent Curve for Women coming off her body. Not too overwhelming or too little, but just enough. All of this was good, but the thing that she was the proudest of was her outfit. The colors of the shirt, tee shirt, and jeans blended perfectly. The white sleeveless mid-drift tee shirt fitted just right. The tee shirt hugged her, but was not too tight. The tan sheer bra could not be seen through the thin white tee shirt. A cranberry three quarter length sleeve button down shirt from the Gap was over the white tee shirt. Even though the shirt was borrowed from her roommate, the shirt was not too big or small, but fitted as though it was made for her. The sky blue super flare l.e.i. jeans were made for her body. The jeans hugged her butt and waist and flared out around her shoes. The panties that were picked out were low enough so that they did not show at the waist, and they did not cause lines that would be seen across her butt. Last but not least, the shoes. The black open toe open heel thick sole Payless mules completed the outfit. Hard work was used in putting together this outfit. There are a lot of things to consider when choosing an outfit to wear to go out on the town. Clothes for different occasions, dressy, not as dressy, dressy casual, and casual, are in a closet. One has to figure out what type of outfit is suitable for where you are going that night. Should you wear a skirt or jeans? Considering that she was going to a Kappa Alpha Psi party, the first practice of the season for the basketball team, and over a male friend's apartment, she chose to wear a dressy casual outfit. A dressy casual outfit is basically jeans with a nice shirt and no tennis shoes. Weather is a factor is choosing an outfit to wear out. There are two temperatures that you have to consider; the temperature outside and what you think the temperature will be in the places you are going. On that night it was warm with a slight breeze blowing through the air. It was not warm enough for anything without sleeves, and not cool enough for a jacket. The Kappa Alpha Psi party was going to be hot considering that there was going to be a lot of people there and the party was going to be in their house that is not that big. The temperature inside the Coliseum was uncertain, they might have on the air conditioner or they might not have the air conditioner on. She was a cold natured person, which meant she needed some sleeves. A short sleeve shirt with another shirt with sleeves would be perfect. If it got warm she could take off the shirt with sleeves. If it got chilly, she could button up the shirt with sleeves. The next factor to consider when choosing an outfit to wear out is the cleanness of the places you are going. In her closet, the colors of her jeans ranged form the slightest of blue to the darkest of indigo. She had all the different colors in between, a little more blue, sky blue, blue, blue with a little more color, and almost indigo. If you are going to a place that is dusty or a place where you would attract something on your jeans, you should wear dark jeans. Your outfit will start from the dark jeans, and everything else would go from there. Using this factor, she figured out that a dark color would be more suitable for the places she was going that night. Once the color of jeans is chosen, you have to choose a style of jeans. There was baggy, snug fitting boot cut, relaxed fit, relaxed boot cut, and snug super flare styles of jeans in her closet. The style of jeans depends on your objective for the night. Are you going out to get